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Nothing can quite compare to the sensation of having a beautiful smile, and when seeking cosmetic dentistry with your Long Beach Family Dentist, you will be sure to get the highest quality treatment available in this field of dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry typically pertains to any form of dental treatment that improves upon the aesthetic value of the teeth, and not necessarily the overall functionality. We offer a wide range of methods to brighten, whiten, straighten, and all-in-all completely upgrade an individual’s smile to its full potential. We are lucky to have an amazingly talented cosmetic dentist within our office that always offers an artistic sense behind the treatment of every unique smile that walks into our office. Whether patients are looking for a way to brighten their appearance with a professional teeth whitening, straighten misaligned or otherwise crooked teeth using our quality Invisalign products, or replace missing teeth with a premium dental implant option, your Long Beach Family Dentist has an affordable option available today. If you are currently looking for the best options in cosmetic dentistry, give our friendly staff members a call. We would love to help you! Something that our cosmetic dentistry patients realize very quickly after receiving treatment is the personal benefits that immediately follow a beautiful smile. The boost of confidence that accompanies these results can have a major impact on your self-perception, social life, and personal relationships that will literally change the world around you from the inside out. Studies have suggested that a single smile has dramatically positive results on the way we think about and view the world around us, and it even goes as far as to have similar effects on the individuals that we engage with on a daily basis. Having this newly enhanced viewpoint can impact the way we do our jobs and behave around co-workers, improve upon our interaction with strangers, and even increase levels of attraction within romantic relationships. Above all else, the most important benefit of cosmetic dentistry is the potential it has to change the way you view yourself every day, providing the kind of motivation that encourages and inspires a true sense of loving yourself. Many people have low confidence and low self-esteem as a result of their stained and discolored teeth. Although there are products for at-home teeth whitening on the market, none of them are as effective as professional teeth whitening done by a licensed dentist. Not only will a skilled dentist be able to utilize the right instruments to safeguard your enamel from long-term harm, but they will also be able to deliver the results you want fast. One of the most common solutions for cosmetic dentistry is dental implants. They may offer you a natural-looking grin and are a long-term option for patients who have one or more missing teeth. To guarantee that you have the finest outcomes possible if you are thinking of getting dental implants, visit with a trained cosmetic dentist. People who seek a flawless set of teeth sometimes turn to veneers as a solution. They are employed to address a number of issues. These thin porcelain coatings are a long-lasting option that will provide you with the greatest results, whether you have stained teeth or misaligned teeth. There is a sense of comfort that comes along with enhancing your smile through cosmetic dentistry which can leave patients with an entirely new perception of themselves, boosting confidence and enhancing their social lives to an impressive level. Our cosmetic dentist takes the necessary time with each individual in order to determine the absolute best treatment for desired results. The goal of Long Beach Family Dentist is to change the way you smile, and we are truly excited to do exactly that for you. Although cosmetic dentistry is generally for the sake of improving upon the appearance of our smiles, there are actually a number of reasons why these options can affect our overall oral health. If you have misaligned or crowded teeth, cosmetic dentistry can create a straighter smile that improves dental care from home by allowing for more effective results from brushing and flossing. Those hard to reach areas of the mouth become much easier to clean and remove plaque buildup when teeth are spaced evenly and correctly through products like Invisalign. This particular process will even reduce or eliminate teeth grinding by correcting the alignment of your jaw, providing protection from long-term damage that can occur through this process. Our cosmetic dentist can even provide services that will protect chipped, cracked, or weakened teeth from further tooth decay and increased sensitivity while simultaneously enhancing the beauty of your smile through the use of our quality dental crowns. Almost every form of cosmetic dentistry in Long Beach has some form of oral health benefit to offer our patients. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the world of aesthetic dentistry and what it has to offer, please feel free to contact our knowledgeable staff today by calling us at (562) 439-6562. We look forward to hearing from you! A cosmetic dentist is a dental expert who specializes in enhancing patients' smiles. They could carry out operations including bonding, veneers, or tooth whitening. On the other hand, a normal dentist, usually referred to as a general dentist, offers both preventative and restorative care. The potential of cosmetic dentistry to offer you a great smile and boost your confidence is clearly one of its advantages. However, cosmetic dental operations enhance and preserve your oral health for years to come. They are not just for aesthetic reasons. Cosmetic dental operations can be costly, and many insurance companies frequently do not cover the cost of them. But you shouldn't let this stop you from achieving the smile of your dreams. It is crucial to check with your insurance provider to see whether they will cover the cost of the operation if you are thinking about undergoing one of these surgeries. Consider one of our finance plans as well, and see which one works best for you. You could feel a little discomfort, depending on the operation you're having. Our dentists can take steps to lessen discomfort before, during, and after your operation. Always discuss your medical history with your dentist so they can determine your level of pain tolerance and provide techniques to make the procedure painless. I been a patient here for over twelve years. Andrea greeted me and got my folder set up. Toni is very friendly and answers any questions you have promptly, when I always come in she greets you with a smile and makes your appointment enjoyable. Today Jovani and Dr. Joan made this experience great. I recommend this dentist for new patients. The service here is amazing and they make you feel comfortable. I'm one of those people that hates to go to the dentist and the dentists that I went to in the past were not that great with service. Overall I found my favorite dentist service now at Long Beach Family Dentist. I been a patient here for over twelve years. Andrea greeted me and got my folder set up. Toni is very friendly and answers any questions you have promptly, when I always come in she greets you with a smile and makes your appointment enjoyable. Today Jovani and Dr. Joan made this experience great. I recommend this dentist for new patients.

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frank wesley
1 Star
Came in this office with a very bad toothache. I called them before i showed up. They wanted my insurance information to check things out once. I came at 1130a sat I was there over 2 hours. They don't care about your condition. I will finish the review later with details... BTW they charged my insurance almost $200. For xrays and exam. I will call insurance on Monday
Monday 25th March 2024
5 Star
I’ve been coming here for quite some time for all my dentist needs. From normal cleaning to orthodontics- everyone has always been extremely helpful and patient. Patience is huge for me, considering I have huge anxiety going to the dentist. Thankful I found a team who is willing to answer my repetitive questions, and still be extremely nice about it.
Thursday 4th January 2024
Katharine Newcomb
1 Star
I usually have a great experience here, I’ve been a patient for several years and have had a lot of work done. However, my experience this week was terrible. Dr. Jake who I usually see is out on leave and my appointment with him 6 months ago, I had a good check up with 0 cavities. The Doctor filling in for him yesterday claimed I had 7 new cavities, needed 6 crowns, veneers and 2 bridges since my last checkup. What a money pit. I will not be returning until Dr. Jake returns, I will be going to another dentist.
Thursday 7th December 2023
Nickolas Redfud
5 Star
Auggie is a great guy! The staff at this place goes above and beyond. I don't know (remember) all the peoples names, but I'm definitely happy with the service I receive from each employee at this office on 7th street in Long Beach. Been going here about 5 years. If you're looking for a great dentistry service in your area I recommend this one hand down!!!
Wednesday 31st January 2024
Andrea Badgwell
5 Star
I have years of dental work to catch up on and quite the extensive treatment plan. I had some complicated health issues that caused damage to all of my teeth after so many years. After seeing a dentist in south Orange County and realizing the cost of the work I needed, I became extremely concerned that I would never be able to afford proper and further prevenative care. I was recommended this office through a program I contacted and have been highly impressed since the first conversation via telephone. From the young man who handles all insurance matters/scheduling logistics, the concierge crew and all the way to each and every dental assistant…the staff is incredible. It is a fast paced and busy office and Dr.Heidi and Dr. Jake are incredible at managing their patients care. Each doctor is honest, empathetic and practices with such integrity. I have received work performed by both specialist and I have been so cautiously and compassionately cared for. I am almost halfway done with my treatment and feel so excited to finish the rest. As far as finances are concerned, they breakdown each and every penny based on the care of each tooth and procedure needed. My total cost is HALF of what I was quoted prior and I have been given great options to pay monthly, overtime. I am beyond grateful for this team and the opportunity they have specifically designed to support the present and future of my dental and oral health. I HIGHLY recommend reaching out and giving them a chance to do the same. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!!
Thursday 28th December 2023